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Adiamat Ethiopia Tour and Travel is established 1991. Ethiopia is a country of endless diversity. Adiamat Ethiopia Tour offers you the opportunity to discover among other interesting tourist’s attractions. In addition to this, our company is one of a leading car hire and transport services provider in the country. As the name employed it experts with wide experience by different types of transport services which include goods transport service.

Many people visit Ethiopia, attracted by the remarkable manner in which ancient historical traditions have been preserved. Indeed, the ancient churches with their unique wall paintings, colorful ceremonies and rituals offer insights into the authentic world of the Old Testament. In no other country is it possible to find your self so dramatically transported back in time or to participate with such freedom in the sacred rituals of a very ancient faith.

Ethiopia history goes back to the legendary history of the Queen of Sheba who went to Jerusalem to visit king Solomon from whom she bore a child named menelik, the first king of Ethiopia and the founder of the solomonic Dynasity (1000 BC)
Adiamat Ethiopia Tour and Travel has been doing a tremendous activity in giving a car rental service for different construction companies, Embassy’s, Government and non governmental organization.

We have highly professional, rained, experience, dependable, dedicated, service oriented, who work with our direction, especially well experience under the new Adiamat Ethiopia Tour and Travel Rule and regulation. In addition to this our company has also one of the dynamic tourism companies, famous for its prestige’s services.

Generally the firm well experienced in leading as well as in offering car hires for target customers in the past of 5 years and it concerns for good well. In addition the management applies a modern way of management and well organized.

The service will be quick allowing for high volume of customers and they provide our organization the following services.

»  Trekking
»  Archeological sites
»  Mountain clamping
»  Historic roots
»  Tour organizing
»  Confirmation of thicket (air plain)
»  Hiring cars
»  To facilitated Eco-tours
»  Day tours and excursions
»  Special interest programs and sightseeing tours

Our service focus on the group age peoples, specially the economic class and high class that has motivation to know their historic, nature and land scope of the country. Also provide hotel accommodation and confirmation by good service and contacts with hotels at discounted rate.

During the low season our attention has been on domestic travelers which organize students, office workers, and business people to make motivate to visit their country.

The over all objectives of the business are firstly to achieve and exceed sales forecasts to enable us to be operating at capacity, so that we can extend our network of tour including southern, western, eastern and northern part of the country. We would also aim to be able to employee several Ethiopians with travel and build up a team. In addition tourism it could develop at nice stage and improve the service at all direction and the country benefit from tourism properly so that the partners can be clear of routine tasks and concentrate on day to day problems, meeting customers, mounting promotions and supervisions the general running of the Agency in order to build up the business further. We would hope to set up good well and competed in the country with their operation.

• The drivers are well trained having driving license, talent and skill. They have taken a special technical training given by the company. In addition to their driving skill they have knowledge of maintenance (mechanical skill).

• Our guides are fluent in foreign languages such as German, English, French and Italian as well as local languages.

• From a long time working experience our drivers have knowledge of various parts of Ethiopian such as the remote parts of the east, west, south and northern parts of the country.